Embroidered 4 Star Patch Pack (Gold and Silver)

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4 star patch pack embroidered patches make a great addition to your uniform. Made of the finest cotton canvas materials with crisp, clean embroidered designs and easy to sew on. Not too mention-completely washable and colorfast. Nin-five elements of sanshin kanji patches are great for all martial arts uniforms, and bag. Your choice of a gold or silver star patch. Makes a great ninja gift! Custom design available!

Made in the USA Made in the USA by Ninja

  • Great addition to your Ninjutsu training!
  • Your choice of gold or silver star patch!
  • Custom design available!
  • Professional grade materials!
  • Made of the finest cotton canvas materials!
  • Crisp, clean embroidered designs!
  • Easy to sew on!
  • Great for all martial arts uniforms, any bag, and hats!
  • Completely washable and colorfast!
  • Perfect for Ninjutsu, Budo Taijutsu and Ninpo!
  • Makes a great ninja gift!
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