Become a Shinobi Gear Distributor

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Shinobi Gear's distributor drop shipping program is an easy and convenient way for Dojo's and other Ninjutsu associated businesses to offer professional grade Ninjutsu training equipment at exceptional prices without having to stock / carry an inventory or dealing with the the daily hassle of packing and shipping while earning extra sales and increasing profit margins. 

Joining Shinobi Gear's drop shipping program offers a great many benefits such as:

  • No inventory to stock or manage!
  • Your money's not tied up in an existing inventory!
  • No minimums to purchase!
  • Great way to offer affordable professional grade training equipment!
  • Specialized discount pricing!
  • Increase sales and profit margins!
  • Sale our products in your Dojo, Pro-Shop or on your website globally!
  • Monthly specials / promotions.
  • We do all the daily packing and shipping!
  • We use your Logo for invoicing / packing slip.
  • Great shipping rates!
  • Peace of mind that you're offering great training equipment by a trusted name!

FAQ'S - "Top three Questions"

1) Does Shinobi Gear contact any of our clients?

  • (A)-No! We do not contact any of your clients. Your clients are considered confidential and proprietary to you and your organization only! 

2) Does Shinobi Gear handle returns?

  • (A)-We leave the option open to you to either process them or we're more than happy to process them. 

3) Do we need a special account with Shinobi Gear?

  • (A)-Yes, you would need to establish a wholesale account. 

Thank you for your interest in Shinobi Gear's drop shipping program. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or assistance. Have a great day and Happy Training!