Ninja Training Kaginawa V2

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"Hand crafted High-Impact Delrin Plastic Ninja Training Kaginawa V2"!
Train with a superior form of high-impact plastic. Ninja were not always able to carry a large kaginawa or grappling hooks, thus they developed a more portable smaller version that was easily concealable. Shinobi Gear hand crafted ninja training kaginawa V2-double hook features a black cord wrapped handle and modeled from an actual kaginawa for a realistic look and feel. Great addition to your Ninjutsu training*Note: Not used for climbing.

Customize your ninja kaginawa by choosing your favorite cord wrapped handle color. Black cord wrapped handle is standard.

Made in the USA Made in the USA by Ninja

  • Professional Grade Materials!
  • Finest Ninjutsu training equipment available!
  • Made of supper strong delrin plastic!
  • Cord wrapped handle!
  • Realistic look and feel!
  • Not used for climbing!
  • Great addition to your Ninjutsu training!
  • Makes a great ninja gift!
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