Shinobi Gear Wholesale

Shinobi Gear Wholesale Account Requirements:

1) You must be an owner of a Martial Arts related business.

2) The Martial Arts related business must be lawfully registered with the proper state and/or Federal agencies, Province agencies or lawfully registered with your countries laws and regulations. It is solely your (the purchasers and/or owner of the Martial Arts related establishment) to know your local and National laws regarding a business establishment.

3) You must submit the proper business license, state resale, and/or tax exempt number. EIN (SS-4) number is optional.

4) Wholesale orders must be shipped to a physical address. No post office boxes. *Orders placed to be shipped to post office boxes will be refused.

5) After submitting your application, and upon acceptance of your application you will be notified by email with your account number. Note: It's required that all wholesale forms request (application and authorized buyer forms) be notarized by a notary of the public.

6) Shinobi Gear, Inc. reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel any wholesale application and/or any wholesale account without notice.

7) All applicable State and Federal taxes will be applied at time of purchase.

8) Foreign taxes and/or import duties/taxes will be solely the purchasers’ responsibility to pay.

9) All applicable shipping charges will be applied at time of purchase.

10) The wholesale pricing is confidential and only for the business owner and/or the authorized person listed on the account of said business. Any misuse and/or providing the confidential pricing/information to an unauthorized person or business/company will result in the account being canceled and/or revoked.

11) NON COMPETE/NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT: You agree not to copy, reproduce and/or manufacture any and all products listed on/in our website, web store, pro-shops and/or any and all locations where Shinobi Gear, Inc. products and/or services are located and/or displayed. This includes but not limited to any likeness/and or resemblance of any and all products such as structure, color, style, dimensions, and any and all materials used. Furthermore you agree not to disclose any and all pricing and/or proprietary information related to Shinobi Gear, Inc.

12) $100.00 minimum purchase required unless other arrangements are approved.

Please contact us with any questions or assistance.